Welcome to potential buyers at the Breakers Condominium Complex

Thank you for your interest in the Breakers.  Prior to making a purchase it is strongly recommended that you be familiar with condo living and condo ownership.  There are four documents listed below for your review that spell out in detail the governance issues used to manage and maintain a first class property.  These "Rules" exist to protect the value of each unit individually and the complex as a whole.  Once your purchase has closed you'll be given a packet of information that you should become familiar with and keep handy.  You'll be required to sign a statement that you have read, understand and agree to abide by the documents listed below.

Missouri Condominium Property Act
Breakers Condominium Declaration
Breakers By-Laws
Rules & Regulations

If you have any questions, please contact the property manager:

LakeFront Property Management (LFPM)
1025 Elk's Way - Suite 100
Osage Beach Missouri 65065
(573)302-1131 Voice
(573) 348-5561 FAX